Busy times, busy times...

A lot has changed since we last spoke. To keep this conversation short I will post an abridged list of things that happened during the last few weeks:

  1. Global search modifications. We are now automatically showing hits in a timeline format. This is a huge help when debugging, as it tells you precisely when the hit rate began to change.

  2. Invocations list. We added back old time format displaying logic there. We feel that with this change it’s a bit easier to have a fast overview of what happened and when it did.

  3. Reworked organisation and user settings page. Check it out and give us feedback on that!

  4. We modified the multi-client selection menu item (top right menu where you can see all of the clients that are connected to your account).

  5. Added a new really quick way to display invocation data without routing you to a new page. This change is particularly good because it makes debugging invocations a breeze. Just click on them and they reveal themselves automatically. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  6. APIGW view. We are experimenting with showing APIGW metrics. This is a work in progress and we highly appreciate any feedback for that.

  7. A list of different minor changes to the UI and backend systems, making Dashbird faster, leaner and easier to use. This list is huge really.

If you have any feedback about our latest changes (or anything really!), let us know. We really-truly appreciate that!